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Galaxy S3 – Launch on 13 March?


So now once again to our favorite topic! There is again something new coming from the absolute high-end smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3. Now is a rumor that the sequel to the previous Samsung phone Samsung S2 Galaxy’s best-selling on 13

First slide the Samsung Galaxy S3 appear?


On Youtube, a video has surfaced showing a previously unknown smartphone by Samsung. It is possible that S3 is the Galaxy. Samsung USA has uploaded on Youtube a video of his press conference at CES in Las Vegas 2012th With

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor: Launch of April, 12 MP cam and 1.5 GHz Quad Core CPU


The established Russian bloggers has Eldar Murtazin S3 via Twitter a few details about the Samsung Galaxy given by itself. Literally, he called the phone is not, however, he spoke of the presentation in Barcelona and on the specifications, it

Samsung Galaxy vs. S3. Apple iPhone 5: Battle of the rumors


The two smartphones let the rumor mill bubble really, so now there is a pretty impressive list of specifications. This allows us to compare both devices and set up a first guess, which is the better of the two devices

Samsung S3 Galaxy official release date published


We have received very little information about the successor of the Samsung S2 Galaxy and even these are nothing more than rumors. The last really interesting conjecture developed from a section of an alleged presentation by Samsung. But after a

Samsung Galaxy S3: 4.65 inch Super AMOLED screen and HD Plus LTE


Just two days ago, we reported that the latest rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S3. The marketing of the new Samsung flagship is fairly close to the strategy of Apple. So there are very many rumors and alleged inside information,

Dead Space – currently free for all Samsung S2 Galaxy owners


EA has released the first-person shooter Dead Space for Android. This news is “old”. Now all but the latest Galaxy S2 owners are sitting up, because the game can now download free from the Samsung App Store. Users search for:galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S3: Test image and Facts


The Android community is waiting eagerly for a new phone from Samsung Galaxy. Of course, then puzzled, and rumors regarding the specifications and design. Many designs of Android users currently circulating on the net. We put everything together again shortly.

Samsung Galaxy S3: first pictures allegedly found to be fake


The Samsung S3 Galaxy is one of the major smartphones for the Koreans, but it inherited in the spring of 2012 the outstanding S2. An site now has pictures online, should show the Galaxy, the Samsung S3, but were quickly

Samsung S2 Galaxy Review


The Samsung Galaxy S was a brilliant display, fast processor and thin housing is a box office hit and was sold far more than 10 million times. The successor S2 Galaxy the manufacturer has all refills again, it is still