Samsung Galaxy S3: Press invitation appeared on the Net

On an alleged South Korean Internet sites Press invitation for the presentation of the Galaxy S3 is turned up. Accordingly, Samsung unveiled its new flagship Android on 22 May in the British capital London. The invitation promises a fast, handsome and thin smartphone, the authenticity of the invitation has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer.

The invitation says the online magazine According to the website is not in the picture – the most recent common – a fake. Said industry insider Eldar Murtazin inviting widespread commentary on Twitter, what sees as a sign that it is not a fake. Murtazin says that it has a Prototyen the Galaxy S3.
4.6-inch Super-AMOLED-display HD-Plus

The website believes it is possible that the invitation is genuine. Because the image of the Galaxy S3 does not reveal much more than the design. Typically, manufacturers make in press invitations only hints at the new products in order to advance not to reveal too much. The site reports but also doubt. Because the invitation for a whole month before the event appeared on the net, which is atypical. It may have been sent but not yet, but has previously fallen into the wrong hands and thus passes into the net.

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