Samsung Galaxy S3 Features


Samsung Galaxy S3 upcoming smartphone, which is also called “iPhone killer” is known, are expected to include a quad-core processor. As already mentioned, the Samsung S3 Galaxy is believed to be a Samsung Exynos 4212-processor is clocked at 1.8 GHz. This processor is a 32nm chip with a 50 percent increase in graphics performance and 30 percent less power than its previous chip, the Exynos 4410, which introduced the Samsung S2 Galaxy. It is also said to be five times faster than its Mali-400 MP-chip from its predecessor.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is multi-tasking function, which allow you to efficiently multiple applications simultaneously. A simple multi-tasking and playing, it is rumored that the phone come with 2 GB of RAM. It is likely the first smartphone to 2 GB of RAM, and will come with a generous 32GB of storage.

One thing that many users on the Internet that talk about Samsung Galaxy phones their display. The Samsung S3 is the Galaxy sports a huge 4.6-inch screen, slightly larger than its predecessor Galaxy S2 has 4.3-inch screen. This would S3 to a resolution of 1280 × 720 resolution screen account of the Galaxy. It is known that Samsung leaked accidentally, that it the phone with the new, flexible glass specially Release – FOLED technology.

A creative design company in Ukraine have developed a concept design of the Samsung Galaxy S3, showing that the upcoming smartphone will be similar to Galaxy S2 in terms of looks and design. However, it is known that the Home button was replaced with a Samsung logo and down to make room for the larger screen slimmed down.

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