Samsung Galaxy S3: 5 Problems With The Device

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling so quickly that U.S. carriers cannot keep up with the demand, but the device is not short of its problems.

Here are five compaints that have been reported since the phone’s release:


Overheating was a problem commonly reported in the Galaxy S3’s predecessor, but it seems to be persisting in the Galaxy S3. This is most likely thanks to the phone’s thin chassis and plastic back cover, which do not insulate the heat from the battery.

Battery Drain

The battery drain issue has been reported for the international model of the phone. Consumers have complained that the phone uses a lot of battery, even when its not being used in standby mode. Reports suggest that the problem is due to the fact that the phone calculates 50 to 70 percent more power consumption then it actually uses. The problem is being resolved by correcting the value through a software update that will automatically be pushed out onto to the phone.

Microphone Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S3’s biggest problem is a microphone malfunction, according to Fix Ya. Users have complained that the volume levels come out low on the receiving end and the call is not clear. Fix Ya suggests updating the firmware first, and if that doesn’t work, restoring the phone’s factory settings.


Samsung Galaxy S3 users have complained that the phone takes a long time to charge and can get stuck on a certain percentage for over an hour at a time.

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