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Review: The Galaxy S2 I9100 is, in general, produces the hardware, the current peak power of smartphones dar. It feels light but sturdy to have a good battery life and a brilliant display of the color reproduction and contrast is no other approach comes . Unfortunately, the display is not as bright as a Nova display from LG and not as fine resolution as a retinal display of the iPhone. The S2 Galaxy offers everything you could wish for today.

Gone are the days of waiting for applications, there is no lag or no Bedenksekunden. Everything is going very fast and fluid. Thanks to the great and mighty and the growing community of Samsung Developing Custom Roms even intentional, it is more interesting than it is in itself. Shortcomings or problems arise, through initial bugs in the firmware and the imperative to follow the arguments Android. So it is through these situations, for example, some users complained about high battery consumption or network problems. The processing is very very different.

Here we read of built-in camera lenses wrong, the so-called” Red Dot” effect in the camera, visible scratches on the screen in spite of gorilla glass and heat problems of the CPU. Some more of these problems, the other one does not have it. Thus, for not saying that there is a general problem of Samsung. If you look through the forums and go to other models of smart phones, it is obvious to see that in each model, the user is having problems, in turn, others can not understand.

I for one can say for the Galaxy 2 is a strong buy recommendation. No phone has and can do everything, no one is perfect, but the Galaxy S2 represents, at least for a few months, the absolute forefront dar.

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