Samsung Galaxy S – Android 2.3.6 firmware released I9000BGJV6_I9000XECJV6_XEC

Samsung wants to know now? Now is published by the Samfirmware I9000BGJV6_I9000XECJV6_XEC. This commercial is Android 2.3.6 for the Samsung Galaxy S. As one can see the sales code, but again it is not a version of DBT. But maybe we’ve got lucky this time and the DBT-version will follow shortly.

At Samsung is now probably some movement back into the thing with the Android 2.3.6 firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S. Now the elderly I9000BGJV6_I9000XECJV6_XEC has found the way to Samfirmware. So the South Koreans send a new version for the Android smart phone in the ring.

So far, we thought so, was the development of new Android update for the Samsung Galaxy finished with the South Koreans. Too long have we had seen or heard anything new. There was only a promise and empty promises, it’s upcoming update. But nothing came of it and the users were disappointed. But Samsung is sending a new sign of life for the Samsung Galaxy S to the public.

One wonders, of course, what is happening now with Samsung? But could now confirm the suspicions of a few who said, that the South Koreans still being published primarily on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and concentrate on the Samsung Galaxy note, but the “older” models like the Samsung Galaxy S but not forgotten.

So it could well be that after the MWC in Barcelona, ​​Samsung’s something new for the Samsung S Galaxy will come. So you can still hope that Android might appear to 2.3.6 for this smartphone.

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