Launch of the Galaxy S3 is shifted

The manufacturer of the Galaxy S3 presentation be postponed to the spring: Samsung does not travel with the new top model from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Is that better or not?

MWC without Galaxy S3

Currently, the Galaxy S2 from Samsung, the best list of COMPUTER BILD – yet, because the successor is a prime candidate for the top spot. Galaxy fans will still have to be patient:

At the Mobile World Congress 2012 (MWC, 27.2.-1.3 in Barcelona) is the Galaxy S3 not visible. The Samsung confirmed to the news portal Techradar. Instead, the Samsung S3 Galaxy wants on a separate company event before the end of six months to introduce officially.

Interim version: Galaxy S2 +

The manufacturer trumps at the show but maybe with another new addition: the Galaxy S2 +. Techradar has tracked down the website An3DBenchXL, there are benchmarks listed a smartphone with this name. The processor of the device thus has a slightly higher 1.5 GHz clock rate than the Galaxy S2 (1.2 GHz). Samsung is said to have loaded the data onto the page.

CES video shows mysterious Galaxy model

Meanwhile, the Internet appear more and more details on the expected peak smartphone Galaxy S3, which has, according to recent statements, a quad-core CPU. Samsung may have had the new model at CES in early January 2012 in the luggage: In an official highlight video of the exhibition is the Samsung Galaxy S3 be seen already.

Deliberate Preview

The official Samsung video shows a new function of a digital camera: It is controlled remotely by phone. The mobile phone used to control similar to the Galaxy S2, but not yet known Samsung model: it has a larger screen than the S2 and the typical vendor-home button and is very narrow.

Of course it could be at the device equally well to a dummy that was used only for the clip.

Galaxy S3: What else is possible?

As the well-connected insiders and operator of the Russian blog Eldar Murtazin on his Twitter account suggests that he already had the opportunity to inspect the Galaxy S3. Accordingly, Samsung built a camera with a twelve-megapixel sensor and a quad-core processor with 1.5 or 1.6 gigahertz.

The display has a HD resolution of 1280×720 pixels, as it is also found in the Galaxy Nexus. Similarly, the Russian bloggers reported a much improved battery performance. Tech Radar also wrote about a battery from Samsung promises:

All smartphones on the market in 2012 have, therefore, a battery that lasts all day with a single charge. It is further assumed that a Nahfeldfunk chip (NFC) and LTE are on board. The operating system relies on Samsung Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with its own user interface Touchwiz.

Display with Super-AMOLED-Plus

Samsung looks at the display to 4.6 inches on the diagonal (Galaxy S2: 4.2 inches) and uses the technology super-AMOLED-Plus, which is installed in the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Super AMOLED displays offer a high-contrast color reproduction and rich black levels.

The likelihood that this rumor is true, according to the pictures of the Samsung video even higher: The screen shown might measure about 4.6 inches.

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