Galaxy S3 – Presentation Event on 15 March?

Samsung Benelux has been invited to Amsterdam for the day. According to the invitation text is at an event the line-up are presented for this year. Details are not making the South Korean company.

The presentation of the Galaxy S3 was previously expected for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Samsung was then announced that the new smartphone is not shown on the show. The presentation should instead be on a separate event. According to rumors, this is shortly after the MWC (27 February-1 March) happen.

Samsung justified the decision not to show the Galaxy S3 at MWC that you want to move the presentation closer to the actual market availability. Probably Samsung promises so easy even greater attention than in a presentation at the world’s largest wireless trade show, where many other manufacturers to introduce their new products. Apple makes it so well Sun

About the features of the Samsung Galaxy S3, there is still no official information from Samsung, but plenty of rumors. The British phone review website, for example, reported that the smartphone a 4.65-inch super-AMOLED Plus display, has a quad-core CPU with 1.8 GHz clock rate, between 1.5 and 2 GB of RAM and an up to 12 megapixel resolution camera. The operating system of course is the latest Android 4.0.

The South Korean side ETNews had earlier reported that Samsung will launch several offshoots of the Galaxy S3 with special properties, including for example a model with a 3D display. This would also explain the various different specifications that are currently circulating on the net.

While speculation continues about the Galaxy S3, Samsung Ace 2 with the Galaxy and Galaxy Mini 2 introduced two new Android smartphone officially. The two Newcomers are the successors of the proposed one year ago, entry-level devices Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Mini.

Update 02/22/2012 19:18

It could give new information is a little clarity about the possible release date of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. So reports, among other things, the portal “TechRadar” that it has received information about a launch date of the Galaxy S3 in South Africa. This will boost the local provider Virgin Mobile and Cell C have confirmed the appointment in July 2012 already. For Europe, of course, now the same release date for the Galaxy S3 expected, or rather even earlier. As a rule it is preferable to space launches in Europe.

Update 02/23/2012 19:08

Some media reports that Samsung has loaded into a media event in Amsterdam. According to the report, Samsung will introduce the event the cell phone and smartphone news for 2012. Of course, the Galaxy will also S3 are also presented. Apparently Samsung will connect more closely in the future, the idea and start selling to each other. About the Galaxy since the first announcement of S3 is already discussed as eagerly as the iPhone from Apple. Almost daily there are now new rumors about the Galaxy S3, or as stated by the fans, the iPhone killer.

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