Galaxy S2: Samsung has faulty Android 2.3.6 update to retire

That brought out for the Samsung S2 Galaxy Android update 2.3.6 is buggy and had to be withdrawn by manufacturer Samsung. Among other things, provided the fresh operating system update for the iPhone crashes and reboots uncontrolled 4S competitors. There is no official solution, and sure it’s not helping them.

Samsung S2 Galaxy users in Germany, with a faulty Android 2.3.6 update downloaded and installed on their smartphone. Samsung pulled back the new version of the operating system. The associated software for Samsung S2 Galaxy gravel provides Android, version 2.3.6 is no longer on. Also on the service over-the-Air, the faulty version is no longer available. The update provided on the one hand, for better performance and increased battery life, but on the other hand, accumulated crashes and restarts the unit at various uncontrolled users, prompting the Korean company to the current step.

The Samsung S2 Galaxy was delivered at the beginning of last year with Android 2.3.3. Battery problems made for a loud outcry for Android 2.3.4, which made the battery-circuit problem. After minor improvements with Android 2.3.5 many hoped Galaxy S2 users to further optimize the current update (2.3.6). Frequent crashes and reboots the device, which generally require a re-entering the pin code make the latest Android update 2.3.6 but useless. If the user has his device in his pocket and the S2 reboots unexpectedly, the respective owners of reach unless he enters his pin is not new. As a rule, is something fixed only when one looks at his cell phone unsolicited.

In the meantime, some important information could thus have been missed. This is of course far from optimal for smartphone owners. There is no official solution, and sure it’s not helping them. We will keep you more up to date. In the meantime, we recommend you our latest smartphone releases on S2-S3 Galaxy successor, the Apple iPhone 5 and posts for the Apple iPad Tablet third PS: If you are looking for a cheap Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone will probably find it with the help of price comparison of PC games.

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2 Responses to Galaxy S2: Samsung has faulty Android 2.3.6 update to retire

  1. Mahi S Nair says:

    i dont know why such a remark is mad about 2.3.6 version of android, is it just about in germany? because, i am living in india and am having no performance or crashing issues after my update..infact evrything i had as problems with my S2 were settled after the update to 2.3.6. So i wonder..

  2. Cristian says:

    any news of de ics update? for Germany unlocked firmware I9100RWADBT when will be released?

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