Comparison: iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 rumors check

There are the two most anticipated mobile phones this year: The Samsung S3 Galaxy and the Apple iPhone 5 For many months, speculation over the next two top smartphones, hardly a day goes by without new reports. We have therefore both units after the current speculative state compared and summarized all the information in a photo shoot for you.

All the assumptions and assertions, but you should consider the necessary distance: How much truth is in the individual chunks of information, ultimately, can be estimated at Apple just barely.

Quad-core CPU is considered to be realistic

At first the rumors were still apart, now a quad core CPU is, however, both devices but be realistic. The touch screen of the Galaxy S3 could be measured according to the website 4.8 inches, bringing the iPhone display it for information of the Korean newspaper Maeil Business Newspaper alleged to 4.6 inches in diagonal. The high-speed data standard LTE will support the speculation that the two smartphones, the only question is on which frequency bands.

scene whispers
Neither Samsung nor Apple are now official information about one of the two upcoming mobile bomb. All information and messages are therefore purely speculative at the present time yet. In the previously published photos are mostly of concept images or fakes. In our photo gallery you will find the current state of the rumors about the two phones compared.

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